Spaz, a Twitter Client for Palm Pre™, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux



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    Palm® Pre™ and Pixi™

    Spaz Mobile is currently available App Catalog on all Palm® Pre™ mobile phones. Spaz is free, but donations are appreciated.
    Click here to lend your support to: Spaz: An open source microblogging client and make a donation at !

    Other platforms coming soon!

  • Features

    Spaz Mobile is available on the Palm® Pre™ and Pixi™. Here are some of the highlights:
    • Search and explore Twitter without an account
    • Works with
    • Geolocation support – or set your location manually
    • Multiple account support
    • Simultaneous searches in multiple cards
    • Notifications on new messages and search results – even in other apps
    • Combined timeline showing posts from friends, replies, and direct messages
    • No adsever
    • Open-source, independently-produced software with a liberal New-BSD style license
    Do you have an idea for a feature you'd like to see? Request it in the Spaz support site, or write it yourself and submit a patch!
  • Screenshots

    Spaz for Palm® Pre™ and Pixi™ webOS™ v1.0.0

    Spaz Mobile webOS - My timeline Spaz Mobile webOS - Search Spaz Mobile webOS - Splash screen Spaz Mobile webOS - Message detail Spaz Mobile webOS - User detail

    Spaz for Palm® Pre™ and Pixi™ webOS™ v0.5.11

    Th Spazwebos0511 Mytimeline Th Spazwebos0511 Search Th Spazwebos0511 Splash Th Spazwebos0511 Trendsearch Th Spazwebos0511 User

    Spaz for Palm® Pre™/webOS™ v0.3.14

    Spaz Mobile webOS™ - Splash screen Spaz Mobile webOS™ - Login Spaz Mobile webOS™ - Combined timeline Spaz Mobile webOS™ - Combined timeline 2 Spaz Mobile webOS™ - Combined timeline filter Spaz Mobile webOS™ - Message detail Spaz Mobile webOS™ - User detail Spaz Mobile webOS™ - Search and explore Spaz Mobile webOS™ - Search notification Spaz Mobile webOS™ - App Menu
  • Support

  • Open Source

    Spaz is build by volunteers in our free time. We need motivated individuals to help out in all areas of development, testing and support. If you're interested in helping, let us know!

    Spaz Mobile is built on SpazCore, an open source multi-platform component library for JavaScript applications.


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    Automated “One-step” Install

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  • Features

    • No ads
    • Cross-platform: available on all AIR-compatible platforms: Windows, OS X, and Linux
    • Open source software using a New BSD-style license (source available at Spaz Google Code project site)
    • Written in pure Javascript, XHTML and CSS. Utilizes the powerful jQuery Javascript framework
    • Built-in global search
    • Short URL creation tool with support for multiple services (,,, and more)
    • In-line short URL decoding
    • Markdown syntax support
    • Multiple themes and support for user-created themes
    • User-defined CSS overrides
    • Event sounds using the Tokyo Train Station soundset by Dominik Dimaano
    • Directory listings of users you’re following, and your followers.
    • Debugging and development tools and debug logging
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  • Support

  • Open Source

    Spaz is written entirely in HTML and Javascript. It uses the Spry and jQuery frameworks.

    Spaz is open source and licensed under a New BSD-style license.

    Git Repository

    You can access the git repo at Spaz’s Github site.

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